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I have a really fond memory of meeting our President Barack Obama, it was August 4 2007 and my husband and I were invited to ‘surprise’ President Obama at his hotel here in Atlanta.

President Obama was in Atlanta campaigning for presidency and ended up being stuck here away from his family (wife/children)on his actual birthday.

I remember feeling soo nervous about meeting him. I had heard so many amazing things about him. I also was 6 months pregnant and feeling so fat and puffy, it also was the exact day after I had gotten married. I was euphoric nonetheless..

He was so surprised to see us there (his staff had arranged a bit of a surprise party) we had cake, food, and we talked for hours.


I was surprised myself when he turned out to be one of the most down-to-Earth men I know, it felt like talking to one of my uncles or a big brother. We all laughed, he made jokes about the fans in the lobby waiting on my husband and we took lots of pictures.

I was so proud to attend his inaugural ceremony in Washington that following year. He proves that through hard work, perseverance and determination that anything can be achieved.

Which should serve as GREAT inspiration to our youth. For he had won the ‘Amazing Race’ and with dignity. I’m proud to have met and supported him through out his campaign.