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Camera lovers and photographers everywhere are going to be running too the get cannons latest item, the Canon’s Cross Media Station. If you spend way too much time pulling memory cards and downloading pictures this will relieve you of the stress of this task.

Everyone got a tease of the Canon Cross Media Station at the Canon Expo last month with the prototype device looking like some kind of chubby scanner.

The top of the Canon Cross Media Station is an inductive charging pad, you place your camera there, up to three at once if you want, and a blue light comes up to show flowing electricity. So not only does your camera charge while on the station it pulls the data off the camera to be categorized on the device based on time, place, and recognized faces.

Although this is still in the prototype stages and won’t be released for another 2 to 3 years, this will be a big step in the simplification of organizing photos.

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