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Cee-Lo Green is an extremely busy man nowawdays with his smash single, ‘F*ck You’ sitting in the top 20 on Billboard and a new CD titled, ‘The Lady Killer‘ set to drop on Nov. 9th. In the meantime Cee-Lo has a new late-night talk show that is set to debut on the Fuse Network.

The new late-night talk show is called, ‘Lay It Down‘ and is set to premiere on Oct. 20th and will have mainly a music focus since that is what Cee-Lo knows best. Recently Cee-Lo spoke a little bit about the show. Here is what he had to say. ‘I’ve interviewed the likes of Ludacris, T-Pain, Janelle Monae and Public Enemy. This is all in the first season, so just those few names alone lets you know how diverse the guests will be. There of course, there’s me. I am a fan of music so I get a chance to shine a spotlight on that.’

From the looks of the teaser videos the show should be a huge success. Visit the next page to watch a few clips of the new show!



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