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Last night the brand Jordan held an event at the House Of Hoops by Foot Locker in Harlem. The event was held in conjection with the World Basketball Festival. Kix and the city .com’s Rich Lopez emceed the event. When D Wade appeared in the back of the store all of the kids went wild! Teen boys were so excited as Rich announced the best point guard of the year and the New Orleans Hornetts player Chris Paul appears. He was wearing a light blue jordans tee shirt and was all smiles as he grabbed his young fans hands. Next th DJ changes the song to Rick Ross’s summer anthem BMF. The two finally sit down and explain how happy they are to be in Harlem. Chris jokes about their tourist antics such as taking photos of the Apollo theatre.

Now it’s interview time and the host starts by having the guys talk about helping the president celebrate his birthday. They also mention what the love of basketball means to them, their experience with playing in the olympics and even twitter! Check out the photos of the event next!



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