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If he lacked an outlet for his voice, if he were forbidden from allowing the truth of his mind to escape with rhythm, no one would know that Marky is the lyrical rapper, “MarkDef! MarkDef!” offering a journey of “different angles!” The “Silent Beauty” of the rap game that released “Journey to Markyland, USA: Rest Stop 2” does not seem to be stopping anytime soon nor participating with the norm of the current.

If you follow him on twitter, you know that Marky is on the move, clearing a path for greatness. On his version of “Hello, Good Morning” which he titled “Hello, Good Evening” he informs his audience that he is a beast & that “intelligence is key” without a doubt he is profound in intelligence. Listen to the spirit of his lyrics as he leans into the melody & calmly gives force within reason that he will prevail without a doubt! He stands in a lane of his own pushing past the statements that Hip/Hop is dead as he resuscitates the game of rap by not participating in pop culture of rap but the “Mecca” of what he lectures in his verses.

“They say the good die young, will I am great so I ain’t eligible for that” is his opinion of himself & RRA agrees! Simply, an introduction of greatness from the DMV, welcoming the challenge of Hip/Hop’s current audience!

“Beyond the future, past the present, okay, here we go” another artist from the DMV like WALE, Tabi Bonney & Phil Ade is emerging to personify the definition of hip/hop!!! He is not afraid of opinions because he knows the difference between a fact & an opinion… He refuses to be a follower of the current state of hip/hop!!! He is ready for the world to hear his voice on a global scale….

Marky sits in his studio daily contemplating his success, the perception of being a public figure & he is not skeptical about the outcome because he is a critical thinker that has faith that his Journey to Markyland will be completed with success!!!

Devoted to the literature of his rhymes as if he is writing stanzas for poems, he takes listeners on a journey that is comparable to “sightseeing” so that the world can witness his attitude, personality, determination, willpower & motivation…

He knows that if he could get feedback from the instruments used on songs like “When Amazing Happens” from his

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