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BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Plug-in Hybrid Sports Car

Last year around this time, we posted the Vision Efficient Dynamic Concept car by BMW but the car is no longer a concept.  BMW is bringing the car to fruition and will start production on the car very soon.  To recap, the diesel-based plug-in hybrid car was introduced last year at the Los Angeles Auto Show and boasts a hybrid engine that gets up to 62.5 mpg on the highway. 


This fantasy BMW also has 328 horsepower taking off at 60 mph in just 4.8 seconds.  Pretty fast for a hybrid, right?  Well the Vision Efficient Dynamic by BMW not only goes faster than the most popular hybrids on the road these days, but also gets around 20 more miles per gallon for your money.  You can’t beat that, so visit BMW to get more info on the sleek, fast and beautiful hybrid coming to show rooms very soon. 

Visit HERE for more info and photos.


Jay-Z Hits Collection Vol.1 & Website Launch

Entrepreneur, rapper, and trendsetter Jay-Z continues to be busy these days.  Recently, he’s covered Forbes Magazine as one of the richest people in America, rocked the stage with Eminem, is working on a collaborative CD with Kanye West and releases his book Decoded later this month.  But Jigga won’t let that stop him from adding a few more tasks to the table by launching a new website and releasing a compilation disc. 

Today Jay-Z launched a new