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Agents, runners, parents, etc. Illegal benefits come in all shapes and forms. No matter what you think in terms of college athletes being paid or not, the bottom line is that it’s not allowed. There are 120 FBS football teams and teams with at least 60 plus players that have gone through the various programs. At least one person on every team is getting some type of illegal benefit, and for the thousands that get broke off and don’t get caught…there are always a few that do get caught, and their usually high profile superstars.


10. Mike Williams USC 2004

Mike was actually flying by the straight and narrow when he declared for the NFL draft in 2004. Maurice Clarrett had fought NFL’s mandatory three years out of high school eligibility rule and won. So Mike figured it was cool to declare, get an agent, and live the good life…until the NFL appealed and won. Williams was ineligible because he signed with an agent and had to sit out a season.


9. Dez Bryant OSU 2009

Although Dez didn’t technically take a benefit. There were suspicions that he had been taking illegal benefits from Deion Sanders. Those suspicions (bullshit if you ask me) led to an interview with NCAA investigators where Dez nutted up, lied, got busted and suspended for the season.


8. Cam Newton Auburn 2010

Innocent until proven guilty. I’ve seen way too many baseball ‘I didn’t take steroids’ stories to believe Cam or his father Cecil are innocent. I love Cam…but the writing is on the wall, internet, Kenny Rogers and Cecil Newton’s phones.

7. A.J. Green Georgia 2010

A hustlers mentality. A.J. Green sold one of his game jerseys to an agent/booster. If it wasn’t an agent/booster should anyone care? I say no, but NCAA rules say selling any merchandise is a violation. Yet the NCAA can sell that same jersey and make money off the player and not give him a dime.


6. Peter Warrick Florida State 1999

During his senior season, P-Dub got some love from some ‘friends of the program’ at Dillards in Tallahassee. Of course, someone snitched and Warrick was suspended two games.


5. Rhett Bomar OU Sooners 2007

Bomar was heading into this sophomore season at OU. Primed and ready to blow up as he had just led his team to a bowl victory the prior season. Well, he had a ‘job’ at a local Norman car dealership and all he had to do was clock in, leave, come back and clock out. For whatever reason, the NCAA di