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Waka Flocka Flame might not make it to the actual 2010 BET Hip Hop Awards, because Stephen G Hill might have cut him from the show. Last night when Waka Flocka Flame took to the stage to perform Hard In The Paint, and No Hands, he broke from his rehearsed set, jumped in the crowd, pulled Gucci Mane and a few other rappers on stage, then ran back in the crowd again. Oh yeah during this time, he also forgot to rap. 

That’s right folks. Waka Flocka Flame, basically just ran around the civic center, acting like Willow Smith, by whipping his hair back and forth. Even though that is one of the main reasons we love Flockaveli, this didn’t make Stephen G Hill happy at all. BET’s President got on twitter to put Waka Flocka on blast tweeting ‘Waka. Flocka. Flamed. Out.’ 

He later sent a long tweet which you can read here, as Waka and Stephen went back and forth on twitter for a few hours. This prompted some to question why does BET still put on a Hip Hop Awards. 


I had the chance to talk to Waka Flocka at the BET awards and he was so excited he couldn’t control himself. He bounced back and forth from interview to interview interrupting Lil Duval, Twista and others, in a playful way because he was excited. With one look at him you could tell Waka Flocka was happy to be at the BET Awards. That is it. That’s more than you can say for a lot of other celebs. 

When the president of a major network jumps on a social media site to air out a rapper who was simply just happy to be there, just doesn’t sit well with us. Waka has a huge heart, and his intentions were well, he was simply happy to be there, and got cut from the show and dissed on twitter by the president of the company. 

Tune into the awards to see if Waka Flocka makes the actual show. 


‘RT @WakaFlocka1017: I KICK ASS I DONT KISS ASS< my brother, you’ll demolish me in a fight. Not a question. You’re younger, bigger, stronger. Not trying to fist fight. I just ask that you respect the show. That’s all. I respect your popularity. It’s why we asked you to perform. We had a GREAT look for you. Flames on stage. Great lighting. My man Jesse (producer) was on it with your look. We’ll put the rehearsal on so folks can see what it was supposed to be. Then you decided to change the track without telling us…and jumping in the audience…without telling us…was disrespect.’