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Last night, Chris Rock cursed out a man he’s never met – all in the name of charity.

Rock, who was among the many performers at Comedy Central’s autism benefit, “Not Of Too Many Stars,” offered to call someone’s ex and curse him or her out for dumping the person with the highest bid.

After going back and forth among several bidders, an auctioneer dropped the gavel at $20,000!


The winner was a young woman named Desiree, and she wanted Rock to curse out her ex-boyfriend “Jeff” for posting pictures of himself on Facebook with another woman after he and Desiree had been together for a year.

Desiree then got onstage at the gala benefit, and told Rock that her ex also happened to be a big fan of the comedian.

After the young woman gave Jeff’s number to the evening’s host, Jon Stewart, the “Daily Show” star dialed the number on a cell, and handed it to Rock, who was on speakerphone.

Because decency precludes Gossip Cop from repeating what Rock yelled at Jeff, who couldn’t get a word in edgewise, we’ll just say for about three minutes straight the comedian used the F-word the way we use vowels.


By most accounts, the Chris Rock curse-out was one of the benefit’s highlights, and you can catch the filthy fundraising bit when Comedy Central airs “Night Of Too Many Stars” on October 21.