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Remember those cheesy NBC Public Service Announcements “The More You Know”? What happen to them? We’ll tell you, now that people can just skip commercials with Tivo and DVR; it gets harder for PSA’s to get their proper shine. So in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month we are going to bring the right way to do a PSA.  

In order to grab your attention, PSA producers have to go to the extreme to get their points across. How can you make a perfect PSA that will have people talking? Easy, they have to be funny, shocking, funny, a little bit explicit but not too much and serious to the point that you want to watch again.

The perfect PSA is one that you would watch over and over again, so peep some PSAs that got it right.


Domestic Abuse PSA

Now this PSA is just crazy, a waitress spills coffee on a father sitting with his kids and the dude goes HAM.


When we saw this one it gave us chills.


Looking at this 10:10 campaign we need to reduce our carbon emission or else…

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