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It has been 6 months since the disastrous BP oil spill killed 11 workers and leaked  approximately 4.9 million barrels into the Gulf Coast completely destroying the wildlife in the area.  

Although we would like to think that proper measures were taken to rectify the situation, there is still a long way to go to restore the areas that were effected.  


Many celebrities have taken action to help alleviate the situation in various ways like setting up funds, initiatives, and charity performances.  To mark the 6 month anniversary of the disaster, we revisit the site to see how much progress has been made and what efforts have been taken so far in this long road to recovery.

From a recent check up on the beach there are still oil sediments on the ocean floor and there have been no signs of restored marine life in the region.

Oil plumes still can be found in the waters even half a year after the disaster and one can find big lumps of oil tar in the sand on shore. Even below 6 inches underneath the sand, a layer of oily tar sediment can be found. Special heavy machinery can help clean up the oily tar particles but the cost of using such artillery on the delicate shore may cause even more damage to the shoreline. 


Grand Isle residents are still feeling abandoned by the government and BP.  The seafood industry is especially still taking a hit and their businesses are suffering greatly and it is uncertain how much toxins are still left in the are which means they may be suffering for a few more years.</p

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