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Deelishis was pretty upset over the weekend about a woman named Cassie (No Diddy connection) coming between her and her husband. Deelishis wrote

Never knew so many beautiful souls could exist on FB lol. Especially women! I sincerely thank u all. Honestly my heart is fine, its not the 1st time some chick has tried to step in on our union, but this time its my daughters I worry about. I worry about what kinda world I’ve brought them into. A world where even when you’re doing your best & at your happiest, u can still be hurt & devastated. I never want them to experience that type of disappointment.

Now that I have vented and performed a few “Woosah’s”, I can carry on with my day with my beautiful children & peace of mind knowing God has always had me and will take even better care of me now. Thank u all again, be blessed and enjoy the remainder of your day….and remember Karma is So Real!

Thank u all, but I’m cool. A real one always bounce back. And to you Cassie, I especially thank you and pray that God has mercy on your soul, cause after I drop this baby I got ya a**, believe that!

Karma is real, believe that! You continue to f**k over the wrong people in life and I guarantee it will come back to destroy you and all that you attempt!

Thank u all, but I’m cool. A real one always bounce back. And to you Cassie, I thank you!

Deelishis who is pregnant would later go on to clear a few misconceptions posted on other websites by adding: 

Sorry uv been fed another false story by MTO! The baby is not here yet! Orlando & I are MARRIED & 2gether! Yes I had an issue with a young lady trying to disrespect our union! And NO my husband was NOT cheating with her! I was simply devastated at the measures she was taken as though I didn’t exist. Nevertheless, this too shall pass. Love yall, Dee

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