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Well lookey what we have found, Japanese Rapper Verbal and his label Ambush have been inspired by the wildly celebrated Egyptian King Tut. They’ve taken their inspiration [and maybe admiration] and turned it into the “Pop Tut” necklace. The necklaces are made of brass and come featuring  “Tut” rocking four different color waves of Stunna Shades, and for you downtown hipsters he’s also rocking a bow tie… Lets remember fashion has no timeline and it’s all interruptive. So is it time for your favorite rapper to retire the Jesus piece as we usher in a new form of history influenced jewelry. Are we tired of the meaningless necklace that usely don’t boast the authenticity that they want us to believe.

With that being said Grinders and Grindettes are we “Springing Forward, or Fallen Back”?

“Springing Forward” = “ Throw it in the Bag”

“Fallen Back” = “ We don’t Believe you, you need more People”

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