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Russell Brand kicked off his newly wed status with Katy Perry by spending thousands on a female Bengal tiger named Machli who lives in the Ranthambhore Nation Park where the pair wed yesterday.

Allegedly Brand viewed a dozen big cats in the park and eventually came to Machli – regarded by park rangers as the ‘epitome of beauty.’

The cat will not actually be coming home with the couple but the money Brand paid for the animal will be invested in the tig’ers welfare and the park’s conservation.

Brand also gave Katy a ruby which possessed ‘protective power’. Both gifts could have been early birthday presents.

Katy reportedly bought Brand an animal of his own: a baby elephant.

The ceremony also featured a Hindu guru and a fortune-telling parrot who foresaw a long life, long marriage and long and successfull careers for both bride and groom. Guests would ask the parrot questions and he would pick out a card.

The wedding itself was reported to have been an authentic Indian wedding with musicians singing and playing the sitar, santoor, table and nagaras (kettle drums) while guests cheered and clapped.

As part of the ‘bharat’ tradition the groom makes his way to the bride via a precession of family and animals. Two elephants named Laxmi and Mala were used in the procession, along with camels and horses.


One of the highlights of the ceremony was a traditional Indian dance by celebrated choreographer Sandip Soparrkar and his supermodel wife Jesse Randhawa. There were also fire jugglers, fire eaters, snake charmers and dance troupes.

The guests made an effort to keep it traditional too, with the majority of them in Indian dress.