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Being a mother, wife and business woman has its challening moments, even downright craziness, but exercising helps to bring a balance to it all.  Some of those personal challenges had me off of my square for a while, so my workout program suffered and boy did my mind, body and soul feel the effects. But, I found the strength through no one other than God and got back in the game. Now my head is clear. I’m on a roll and I can’t be stopped. I dare you to get fit and get your sexy on all in one shot!

Weight, body image and overall physical appearance are issues we as women may struggle with at times, or constantly.  A poor body image may lead to a lack of confidence, low self-esteem, or a complete of self-esteem. With implanted images of size 2’s and 0’s plaguing our psyche, most of us find ourselves trying to measure up to an imaginary and unhealthy standard. These ideas often lead to eating disorders. Many of which, not only we as women battle but also now painfully effects our younger generation. Girls as young as my daughter’s age are much more body conscious than any previous generation in their age group has ever been. Anorexia nervosa, bulimia and obesity, as life threatening as they are have become a far too frequent topic of conversation amongst our youth. I want to instill in my daughter the value of mental and physical health, as well as teach other young girls through my foundation I Am S.H.A.N.T.E.


Applaudingly so, First Lady Michelle Obama has begun a national campaign, “Let’s Move,” to impact and change the adolescent obesity rate that has reached an all time high. At such an alarming rate, it has led to such diseases as diabetes and hypertension, as well as depression and loneliness amongst our youth. As important as it is to be healthy, it’s equally important to care for your inner self. Having great confidence and self-esteem begins internally.  By taking care of you spiritually and mentally first, the desire to also care for yourself physically will come naturally.  With this in mind, I take every opportunity to work up a sweat, eat well balanced meals and take a deep breath when I need a moment to breathe.

Many people get bored with their regimens, so they’re difficult to maintain, which is why I mix mine up a bit.  Working out is not only about being healthy and feeling good but also looking good.  So I also exercise to also make myself happy.  To get my cardio and resistance training, I hit the gym three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, I turn it all the way up at my dance studio Lady Lounge by throwing on a pair of four inch heels and working the floor in Stiletto Fit, as well as Abz and Bunz.  My  studio is a great outlet for calorie burning while maintaining your sexy!

So who out there is with me to take the Lady Lounge Challenge. Let’s go! Visit my website for class schedule and to RSVP your way into shape!!
Shante “Boss Lady” Broadus