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<p>April 16th -17th isn&rsquo;t to far way there has been numerous reports,websites and paraphernalia spotted around the ATL supporting this Freaknik 2010 movement. But the million dollar question is it going down or all hype like the Dr.Dre&rsquo;s &lsquo;Detox&rsquo; album.</p><p>I am sure the local promoters and clubs would love to have students from historically black colleges and universities come from all over the US to the atl to party for two days even though Mayor Kasim Reed wouldn&rsquo;t.</p><p>The 2010 Freaknik is supposed to go down in Washington Park April 16-18 and there has also been talk of June 26th of being the official date. I remember Atlanta NBA All Star Weekend and don&rsquo;t know if the city could handle the return of a influx of out of townees like that again.</p>