Spring has arrived and the chance that you and Mr. Lover Lover cross ways is BIG since there always is this ridiculous pressure from everywhere to fall in love in spring. Especially if you’ve been left during the winter you hope for more when the sun comes up. Now Mr. Lover Lover is a very good looking, charming, sexy man standing there with his sunglasses on and this ridiculously big fat perfect smile on his face checking you out from far and as you’re walking closer you kinda have NO CHANCE ignoring him because he’s just obviously sending you his regards with his big fat smile (don’t forget the glasses). This guy kinda reminds me of Carly Simons ‘You’re so vain’ when she sings:

You walked into the party
Like you were walking onto a yacht
You had strategically dipped below one eye
Your scarf it was apricot

Did that help for the description? Hope so… 🙂 Anyhow, since you didn’t have any chance to not look you just looked and he definitely takes it as a ‘go’ and thinks ‘Why not?’. Slowly – very cool – here he comes – Mr. Perfect – chatting you up from ‘Hey how you doin?’, ‘What does a beautiful thing like you do here all alone’ (actually you are on your way to the dentist/walk your dog/meet a friend/gym/whatever…) to ‘what an amazing smile you got’ over ‘No don’t thank me – thank your parents’. And you kinda like it because your ex boyfriend who has just left you isn’t ANYTHING close to prince charming and it just feels good to hear it!

He obviously wants to get you laid but you also enjoy his charm so why not just go for it and call it a ‘win win situation’? A little ego booster never hurts but don’t get fooled by the charm of Mr. Perfect because the one who should be able to get your heart is Mr. Very Special. DON’T START SERIOUSLY DATING HIM! We women often make the mistake to go for the next best (better) man after our ex has left the building while your self-esteem still is stuck in the lowest floor of for example the tallest skyscraper ever built – the Burj Dubai (818m/2,684 ft). I mean in comperance of the top floor this is pretty low no? And on top of it, your heart has been stabbed…

You need to give it the chance and time to heal – give yourself a little heart-detox by treating yourself the way you deserve it, spend some time with yourself, your friends, your family, read books, learn new things and boost your self-esteem by dating Mr. Lover Lovers, discovering how smart, beautiful and heartful you actually are and make sure you write it down so you don’t forget to let them know.

If you keep on running shortly after you got dumped you will be and look pretty desperate and the last thing (let me say it again: THE VERY LAST THING) a man wants, is a desperate woman and he WILL break your heart because there’s nothing else helps anymore. And then you will discover the fact that there’s enough space for another stab in your heart before you actually get to die.

I mean remember how you met Mr. Lover Lover, the first conversation, the way it has started – don’t think that this is any special just because ‘oh he’s so cute’. I’m sure he’s done his part but he’s not the one getting you out of your misery. It’s you, yourself and again you who will make this happen but like everything good – it takes time. If you find Mr. Very Special you won’t really remember the moment you met because you will be ‘knocked out’ for this very special moment and it probably will be someone you would have never ever – not in your wildest dreams – thought he could be IT because he doesn’t have the perfect smile, the perfect looks and the perfect start with you… Mr. Very Special isn’t perfect – he’s special and everything that happens around you should be special.

After a proper heart-detox (pls call me for further details!) you will feel like a new born full

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