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Hi Global Grinders its @rosaacosta!

It feels good to be a sex symbol, I can’t complain. I didn’t grow up feeling like I was pretty or had a good body. I was never the prettiest girl of my friends  and I never woke up saying ‘oh I’m so pretty and  hot, my body is so hot’. Also I went to an all girls school, so I never had guys telling me ‘you are so pretty, you are so sexy’. I didn’t grow up seeing any of this, so  to be considered “sexy” is  really overwhelming.

Surprisingly I don’t really have people trying to holler at me. Usually if people see me, they are just like ‘oh yeah she is pretty’. But when they hang around me after they see that I’m cool, then they are like ‘oh can I have your number?’  It doesn’t happen just because I’m pretty. Especially since I’m around so many pretty girls, I’m not even the prettiest girl when surrounded by all of my friends.


People think that dating for me is just so easy, but it has never been. I can’t explain it but I guess I am just not attracted to people easily. When I go out my friends are always like ‘oh my God that guy is so hot’ and when I look I’m like ‘ew no!’ I don’t like a lot of people like that. For me it’s about the chemistry and it just doesn’t happen easily.

Like I said I went to an all girls school, so from first grade until I graduated high school I was surrounded by girls. Outside of school I would take ballet classes and there were two guys and they were gay. So it’s weird when people at the movies are like trying to hold my hand. I still get all nervous around guys.

A while ago me and my friend went to dinner with a guy that likes me. In conversation my friend mentioned that it’s hard for both of us to date. And the guy looked at me and said with all due respect I would like to change that for you. I got so nervous that the only thing I could think about was drinking my sprite and I drank the whole thing in like half a minute I was so nervous!


I have a character on twitter everything like I’m super sexual and everything but in real life I’m not really all that. I’m just modeling because people put me in that position. I was not even pursuing it. I do things because people request it. It’s not even something that I love to do. It’s fun but I’m honestly not into other stuff.

Often I get asked what kind of guys do I like. There is no solid answer for this but I do  have a thing for men in suits and men in uniform. I always fantasize about that guy that comes home to you in a sexy suit and you are making dinner for him. I think it’s so sexy.

Unfortunately, I’ve never dated a guy in uniform but my second boyfriend was a manager for a restaurant so he was always wearing a suit. When I met him he was wearing a suit and I just thought he was so sexy.  When it comes to dating I have an open mind, but I have my limits-I will never date a married guy! I’m sure my match is out there somewhere and until he shows up I will wait patiently.



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