If you are not familiar with Yuna, then you need to get with it. This very talented singer comes all the way from Malaysia and brings her strikingly beautiful hijab with her. This proud Muslim singer is just 24 years old and already signed to the Fader label based in New York. Yuna has been […]


Off his debut studio LP, ‘Fatal Attraction‘ by Theophilius London now has a new video. The track is fire! It definitely shows off Theophilius London‘s unique musical style and it definitely has the appeal to attract different audiences. The video centers around his one lyric: ‘Jump on the bed complete this fraction, I like moonwalk […]

Hi Global Grinders its @rosaacosta! It feels good to be a sex symbol, I can’t complain. I didn’t grow up feeling like I was pretty or had a good body. I was never the prettiest girl of my friends  and I never woke up saying ‘oh I’m so pretty and  hot, my body is so […]


  I write about crushes, taking time, falling in love and the games that come with it all. Right now I feel like talking about the “unexpected” I’ve mentioned in my last blog (Mr. Lover Lover vs. Mr. Very Special)… First of all what’s the definition of “unexpected” in this case? You’ve known this person […]