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If you are not familiar with Yuna, then you need to get with it.

This very talented singer comes all the way from Malaysia and brings her strikingly beautiful hijab with her. This proud Muslim singer is just 24 years old and already signed to the Fader label based in New York.

Yuna has been writing since she was 14 and has been performing in Malaysia since 2006. Recently, she released her debut US EP entitled “Decorate” as well as her cover of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are.”

EXCLUSIVE: Yuna: The Voice That Will Change America

Though her voice is tranquil and both the video and song embrace that, she has been making a lot of noise as she becomes more recognized for her talent.

The songs she features on “Decorate” are meaningful and her natural ability is undeniable. The melodies are flowing and playful and become hypnotizing as they go on.

The visual for “Come As You Are” is super dope, as it shows Yuna hanging out and working in New York City with people like rapper/producer Pharrell Williams.

Check out Yuna’s “Come As You Are” video below!