A teenager in Malaysia was killed after being brutally attacked last Friday (June 16) by a homophobic and femmephobic pack of teenagers. The teen, known as Nhaveen, was out with a friend, Previin, on Friday night when the attack happened. They were celebrating Nhaveen quitting his job so he could move to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia’s […]

Karrueche was on hand for Matt Barnes and Snoop Dogg's 3rd Annual AVC Celebrity Football Game at Drake Stadium over the weekend.

Three men in the Bronx duct-taped and robbed an elderly woman of $5 on Dec. 20. The robbery took place at the woman’s home on Prospect Avenue in the Bronx, according to the NYPD. The armed men knocked on the elderly woman’s door and when she answered, pushed their way into the apartment and duct-taped her. […]

AirAsia airlines is not ending the year on a positive note. According to USA Today, a plane that was on its way to Singapore from Indonesia has apparently gone missing, with 162 people on board. The site reports that the plane lost contact with air traffic just one hour before it was set to land, and […]

Following the tragic crash of Flight MH17 and the disappearance of Flight MH370, Malaysia Airlines will undergo a complete overhaul to revive the company in an attempt to make up for the plummeting ticket sales. Malaysia Airline System will be taken over by a private company. A full-scale rebranding of the airline is also being […]

Orange Is The New Black actor Jason Biggs has apologized after attempting to make light of the crash of two separate Malaysian Airlines flights. “Anyone wanna buy my Malaysia Airlines frequent flier miles?” Biggs joked shortly after news broke. He then added, “In all seriousness, tho- HOW DO YOU MISTAKENLY SHOOT DOWN A COMMERCIAL PLANE?! […]

This all-white ensemble certainly suits her… Draya brought out her Fine Ass Girls while joining Hollywood’s hottest promotional team, Supreme Team LA, as they launched their inaugural all-white affair at Supperclub in Los Angeles this week. If this annual all-white bash is a sign of things to come, then Hollywood is in for a treat. And so were we, as international soccer star […]

Search teams surveying the southern Indian Ocean for signs of the Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing March 8 may have another solid lead. Teams have detected yet another signal that investigators hope is coming from the black boxes on Flight 370. The latest ping brings the total of signals heard by team in just a […]

Weeks of searching for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 have left investigators empty-handed, but this weekend, search teams ran into their “most promising lead” since the plane disappeared on March 8. A ship in the Indian Ocean detected signals consistent with those sent by the aircraft’s black box locator, said the head of the Australian agency coordinating […]

With new information about the disappearance of Flight MH370 surfacing, authorities have decided to turn the search for the missing airline into a criminal investigation. According to CBS 6, officials have launched a criminal investigation after the search for debris in the southern Indian Ocean has produced more questions than answers. So far the investigation has reveled that the […]

The search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 continues, but new information from Malaysia’s Transport Ministry is revealing a major discrepancy in evidence. On Tuesday, the Ministry released a transcript of the conversations between Flight 370’s cockpit and air traffic control. The final words from the plane: “Good night Malaysian three seven zero.” But weeks ago, […]

With no hard evidence and weather hindering search efforts, the search zone for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has been shifted. According to Reuters: The search for the missing Malaysian jetliner was shifted 1,100 km (685 miles) north on Friday after Australian authorities received new radar information from Malaysia. In addition, new objects floating on […]