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With new information about the disappearance of Flight MH370 surfacing, authorities have decided to turn the search for the missing airline into a criminal investigation.

According to CBS 6, officials have launched a criminal investigation after the search for debris in the southern Indian Ocean has produced more questions than answers. So far the investigation has reveled that the two pilots, 53-year-old pilot captain Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah and his 27-year-old first mate Fariq Ab Hamid,  had no motive to hijack the plane.

Officials believe that someone with knowledge of the plane and its operations may be responsible for its disappearance.

A senior Malaysian government official told CNN last week that authorities have found nothing in days of investigating the two pilots that leads them to any motive, be it political, suicidal or extremist. Officials have always said they were looking at four possibilities: hijacking, sabotage, personal problems and psychological issues.

Officials have also looked into the passengers on board by interviewing over 150 people, including relatives of the victims on the plane and workers who had access to the plane.

Malaysia has faced major criticism over the way they have handled the case, including their reluctance to share any evidence that will help with the search of the plane. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott discussed how important it is to find answers about the Flight 370.

“It’s one of the great mysteries of our time,” Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said in a radio interview from Perth, where he’ll host his Malaysian counterpart Najib Razak later Wednesday.

“We owe it to the world, we owe it to those families to do whatever we reasonably can do get to the bottom of this.”

About 10 planes and nine ships from half a dozen countries are currently searching for Flight MH370’s black box which has an expected battery life of 30 days.

With the plane vanishing roughly three weeks ago, it’s a race against the clock to find key information that will explain what happened on the flight.