Gerard Butler and Mike Colter star in this upcoming thriller. Click inside to check out the action packed trailer!

Everyone has their own lists of rules and precautions they take while flying. Just take Naomi Campbell for example — she did a whole Youtube video about her airport routine, which already has over 2 million views on Youtube. One flight attendant went as far as to lowkey expose the entire airline industry during an […]

A woman is in a crappy mood after she claims an airplane dropped human feces on her and her car.

One brave passenger live-tweeted the horrific conditions of the DC-London flight that got caught up in this weekend’s nor’easter winds.

Being entitled in life will only get you but so far. One day you’ll meet someone who is not here for your overbearing self-importance and they won’t be afraid to put you in your place. Just like this shady Delta passenger who insulted a baby and threatened a flight attendant.   But did she get […]

Many folks have heard of a comfort dog to help relieve anxiety during stressful times. Some airlines even have rules to protect these animals as on-board pets. However, one woman tried her luck and attempted to bring a huge peacock with her on board a plane.   United Airlines was not here for it. The […]

We all love Erykah Badu for how real she keeps it whether it’s through her music or hosting award shows. The Orange Moon herself knows just how to balance her classy with her ratchet — and that’s why she’d be the most lit flight attendant you’ve ever had on a mundane flight.     Hit […]

The friendly skies became not so friendly for two passengers aboard an All Nippon Airways flight. In a plane about to take off from Tokyo to LAX, two passengers were arguing when things quickly escalated, according to one witness. The two people involved started throwing punches while onlookers watched (or recorded) in shock. A flight […]

Airbus is often known for their bold airline designs, but the manufacturing company has gone to the extreme by issuing a patent that showcases passengers stacked on top of each other.

While working on Tom Cruise‘s upcoming film, Mena, two crew members were killed in a plane crash on Friday. According to reports, the twin-engine plane went down in Colombia with two American pilots and a Colombian citizen on board. From TMZ: It has been used during production to transport crew members. We do know Cruise […]

Rumor has it, Chris Brown blew illegal weed smoke in a flight attendant’s face when flying on his private jet. He’s denying it, of course. But newsflash to Brown: you can’t dance your way out of everything. We first heard of the incident yesterday, when US Weekly claimed that Brown took flying high a little too literally. It was just last […]