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Low Angle View Of Airplane Against Clear Sky

Source: Nazir Azhari Bin Mohd Anis / EyeEm / Getty

The friendly skies became not so friendly for two passengers aboard an All Nippon Airways flight.

In a plane about to take off from Tokyo to LAX, two passengers were arguing when things quickly escalated, according to one witness. The two people involved started throwing punches while onlookers watched (or recorded) in shock. A flight attendant and other passengers tried to intervene, but their efforts were useless. Later on, when the two brawlers were separated, one of them came back to finish the fight. You can watch the video below.

Once security came on board, one of the guys yelled, “You think I’m crazy? What about the government?!”

A 44-year-old American combatant was removed (no word on who the other person was in the fight) and he reportedly went on to choke an airline employee in the terminal. He was arrested for assault.

This brawl follows a similar incident involving Delta passengers just a week ago. The pilot even got involved in this one.

It seems like travel tensions are reaching an all-time extreme.