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AirAsia airlines is not ending the year on a positive note.

According to USA Today, a plane that was on its way to Singapore from Indonesia has apparently gone missing, with 162 people on board.

The site reports that the plane lost contact with air traffic just one hour before it was set to land, and is now officially missing, as no one has heard from anyone on board.

So far, rescue operations have been launched in Indonesia, Singapore, as well as Malaysia, with 860 miles between the countries being covered.

The site states:

Flight QZ8501 took off at about 5:35 a.m. Sunday local time from Juanda International Airport and lost contact with air traffic control at about 7:24 a.m., the airline said on its Facebook page. The time in Surabaya is 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time; Singapore is 13 hours ahead of ET.

Indonesia called off the air search for the night at about 7 a.m. ET. Achmad Toha, an official with the country’s search and rescue agency, said the planes returned to their base Sunday evening, but that some ships were still in the area where the plane lost contact with air traffic control. The air search was set to resume at 6 a.m. local time Monday.

The contact was lost about 42 minutes after takeoff from Surabaya airport, Hadi Mustofa, an official of the transportation ministry, told Indonesia’s MetroTV. The plane was believed to be over the Java Sea between Kalimantan and Java islands, Mustofa said. The weather in the area was cloudy.

Some reports are stating that weather was believed to have caused turbulence on the flight, which could have resulted in the loss of connection. However, the Indonesian Vice President says that there is a chance there was an accident.

We pray for all of the passengers and crew members on flight QZ8501, as well as their loved ones. We will keep you updated as more information surfaces.


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