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Following the tragic crash of Flight MH17 and the disappearance of Flight MH370, Malaysia Airlines will undergo a complete overhaul to revive the company in an attempt to make up for the plummeting ticket sales. Malaysia Airline System will be taken over by a private company. A full-scale rebranding of the airline is also being considered. Read about it here…[Reuters]

A toddler who squeezed his way through the north fence caused the White House to temporarily lock down while Secret Service scurried after the cute kid. The curious toddler has since been reunited with his parents. “We were going to wait until he learned to talk to question him, but in lieu of that he got a timeout and was sent on way with parents,” Edwin Donovan, spokesman for the US Secret Service, said. Read about it here…[ABC]

Guys. Former New York congressman and naked selfie addict Anthony Weiner is opening a restaurant in Queens. Good news? The project supports a nonprofit restaurant in an area of New York that was hit hard by 2012’s Hurricane Sandy and will offer a 13-week program to teach restaurant skills to those who are unemployed, and help place them in jobs in other restaurants around the city. Bad news? His name is Weiner. This should go over well. Read about it here…[HuffPost]

A New Jersey police officer who was caught on tape saying that President Obama has “decimated” the Constitution has since resigned. Richard Recine also suggested that since the president “doesn’t follow the Constitution, we don’t have to.” That’s not how any of this works. Read about it here…[HuffPost]


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