Following the tragic crash of Flight MH17 and the disappearance of Flight MH370, Malaysia Airlines will undergo a complete overhaul to revive the company in an attempt to make up for the plummeting ticket sales. Malaysia Airline System will be taken over by a private company. A full-scale rebranding of the airline is also being […]

Rihanna sure loves to tweet about the adventurous life she leads, but who would have guessed that her descriptive tweets about a Thailand sex show would result in three arrests? The Bajan singer who just made “histoRHI” after setting a new record in Johannesburg this past weekend by performing for 67,000 people (the stadium’s biggest crowd ever […]

Last night may have been the worst night of life for Anthony Weiner, but it was a win-win for NYC mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio and his son’s afro. Even though the elder de Blasio was the top vote-getter with above 40 percent of the support (no, he really whooped Weiner’s 4 percent ass) in […]

Someone had a rough night. Anthony Weiner (who is probably done with life at this point) didn’t bow out gracefully after losing the NYC mayoral primary last night. But if you came in last at 4.94 percent, you probably wouldn’t either. First of all, the road to get there was filled with sext scandals, arguments […]

UPDATE: 5:05 PM EST Turns out Anthony Weiner wasn’t just screaming at a Jewish voter in NYC because the dude thought he was disgusting. According to this video, which his camp posted on Vimeo, the voter was upset with Weiner because he married an Arab woman, Huma Abedin. Obviously, this didn’t go over too well […]

This guy must really want to be mayor. Wonder where most politicians spent their Labor Day? Well, many of them were NOT dutty winding at the West Indian Day Parade – except for Mr. Anthony Weiner. Despite Weiner’s plunge in the polls, the disgraced Democratic candidate put his pride to the side and rallied the […]

The porn industry has called for a moratorium on filming after a performer tested positive for HIV. According to the Huffington Post: Cameron Bay, a female performer who has reportedly been in and out of the industry since 2010 using names Ashton, Cameron Lane and Ryder, reportedly told industry blog AVN Wednesday that she is the performer who […]

So it looks like all the talk about Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 isn’t just all talk. In an interview with Buzzfeed on Monday, New York City mayoral candidate (and sext addict) Anthony Weiner said that he knows what his wife, Huma Abedin’s, role will be in Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid. Basically, the rumored […]

Talk about making the best of a situation,  or…maybe the worst. Former online lover of Anthony Weiner and professional sugar baby, Sydney Leathers, is making sure her secret affair with the disgraced mayoral candidate wasn’t in vain. In fact, she’s making a living from it. Leathers has just scored a six figure endorsement deal to […]

Yep, you heard it right. The woman who is infamous for exchanging sext messages with “Carlos Danger,” aka Anthony Weiner, and making a sex tape about it isn’t a fan of Kim Kardashian – another woman who also capitalized off of her sex tape scandal. Why? She doesn’t exactly tell Complex Magazine in a new […]

Yep. She’s at it again. Just days after Sydney Leathers‘ porno was released for the world to see, the former online lover of Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner is making sure we don’t soon forget her. On, the 23-year-old thought it would behoove us to know the 10 secrets to seducing a politician. You know, […]