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Yep. She’s at it again.

Just days after Sydney Leathers porno was released for the world to see, the former online lover of Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner is making sure we don’t soon forget her.

On, the 23-year-old thought it would behoove us to know the 10 secrets to seducing a politician. You know, just in case you’re planning on ruining any political careers.

Here’s what she had to say:

I know a lot of people judge me (shout-out to MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts who went on air and called me “batshit crazy”), but I don’t think it is their right to judge — just as it is not my right to judge them. We all have what we want to do in life and what are own personal standards are.

Why does having a sexting affair with a married man or even doing porn make someone a “bad person”? Give me a break. I’m not a war criminal. I’m a human being who has made certain choices, some of which involve my sexuality.

She then goes into her tricks of the trade, which include everything from feeding his ego to never letting him know just how pathetic you think he is.

Here are a few tips:

– When Anthony would flirt with me at first I would pretend like I didn’t know he was flirting. That just makes them 10 times more interested. It’s a little trick.

– It’s important to pretend like you’re thinking about them 24/7 throughout the day. They want to be coddled like a baby. Basically, pretend like you’re dating the middle school version of yourself. Like the prepubescent horny teenage girl with all these emotions. Lovey dovey bullshit, basically. Little stuff like “I’m thinking about you” or “I miss you.”

– Yes, Anthony is married with a child. So you have to be comfortable that some people are going to brand you as an evil home wrecker. Don’t read the negative comments or tweets. You just kind of have to own it and be honest and keep your head up no matter what people think of you.

Seriously…this is a pretty elaborate list.

Click here to see the guide. And let us know how that works out for you.


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