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Yep, you heard it right.

The woman who is infamous for exchanging sext messages with “Carlos Danger,” aka Anthony Weiner, and making a sex tape about it isn’t a fan of Kim Kardashian – another woman who also capitalized off of her sex tape scandal.

Why? She doesn’t exactly tell Complex Magazine in a new interview, but when they asked her to rate her own sex tape, on this scale:

“One being Hulk Hogan, five being Farrah Abraham, and 10 being Kim Kardashian.”

She replied with this:

“Is Kim Kardashian really the sexiest?”

Later, as she told the interviewer about her music tastes (she hates country music but loves Frank Ocean and Lana Del Rey) the 23-year-old political mistress said that she was currently listening to Kanye, though she wasn’t too happy to admit that.

“…It is actually kind of embarrassing to admit since he’s like, with Kim, and I’m not a huge fan of hers.”

However, Kim K. wasn’t the only topic of discussion. When asked if she believes she’s being exploited…or is the one exploiting herself, Sydney said neither.

“I don’t feel like I exploited and I don’t feel like I’m being exploited either.

Like I’ve said in other interviews, I’m keeping all of my options open. I just love to remind people that this isn’t the life I wanted or had planned. Once my identity leaked my life changed immediately. It was pretty terrifying.”

But don’t get it twisted! She is determined to tell her side of the story…and capitalize off of it all. When asked about her photo shoot immediately after the scandal broke…and the interview she was currently doing, she said:

“I’m not saying I had no choice to do the photo shoot, but once my face was out there, it was like, You might as well capitalize on it while you can.”

Do what you have to do girl…we guess. Anyway, read the rest of the hilarious interview, here.

SOURCE: Complex

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