1. Kobe Bryant issued an expensive apology when he was caught cheating on wife Vanessa Bryant back in 2003, $4 millions to be exact. The couple is still together 10 years later.

2. David Letterman came clean about his infidelity on his late night show, and his wife Regina Lasko has stayed by his side through it all.

3. Despite his famous sexting scandal, Huma Abedin has remained loyal to husband and forrmer US represenative Anthony Weiner.

4. Ludacris’ latest infidelities has produced a child, but longtime girlfriend Eudoxie has forgiven the rapper and is even considering tying the knot soon.

Ludacris Eudoxie Instagram

5. David Boreanaz claims that cheating on his Playboy Playmate wife Jaime Bergman was actually a bonding experience for the couple.

6. In 1995, Hugh Grant was arrested for picking up a prostitute name Divine Brown, while dating British star Elizabeth Hurley. Hurley forgave him and they continued to date for several years before splitting in 2000.

7. Former President Bill Clinton is infamous for his affair with Monica Lewinsky, but former first lady Hilary Clinton stayed by his side.

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