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Someone had a rough night.

Anthony Weiner (who is probably done with life at this point) didn’t bow out gracefully after losing the NYC mayoral primary last night. But if you came in last at 4.94 percent, you probably wouldn’t either.

First of all, the road to get there was filled with sext scandals, arguments on the street and just an overall sense of disgrace. Then, while waiting for the results that would no doubt disappoint him, something really fucking epic happened.

Sydney Leathers. She walked into the midtown bar where Weiner’s mayoral party was taking place, telling reporters that it was her duty to be there. No, she really did. In a tight, red dress that showed off those things Mr. Carlos Danger himself loved to sext about. Here’s her entrance:

Then the news came in from the polls. Weiner wasn’t happy, but the Quagmire doppelgänger had to save face and give one of those losing at politics speech. And it was there that we thought he would just end this whole circus and leave the race with at least a shred of dignity.

But then he didn’t even thank his wife, Huma Abedin, who stuck by him through his Sydney Leathers’ love affair. But we guess that’s no surprise…she wasn’t even in attendance.

Here’s where things got really turned up. While trying to leave, he legit had to run from Leathers, who was hell-bent on talking to her former lover.

Here Leathers is, sad she didn’t accomplish her goal.

Fed up and probably screaming “Fuck This Shit,” in his head, Weiner hopped in the car and did the only thing he could think of: Flip the bird.

And that ended his terrible night. And one epic, memorable mayoral campaign that we’ll be talking about for years to come.

Someone deserves a beer. And a nap.

SOURCE: VINE | DailyMail