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I write about crushes, taking time, falling in love and the games that come with it all. Right now I feel like talking about the “unexpected” I’ve mentioned in my last blog (Mr. Lover Lover vs. Mr. Very Special)… First of all what’s the definition of “unexpected” in this case? You’ve known this person for a quiet a long time, someone you grew up with, your best friend, or someone you just haven’t noticed all this time? Let me write about the one who has been sneaking around you for a while. Not even on purpose! Someone you have plenty of mutual friends with and every time you meet you are absolutely happy to be around this someone. You laugh, you have plenty of fun and make loads of jokes like “When am I finally gonna get to date you?”, “Why are you ignoring me?”, “Why are you single every time I see you? What’s the matter?!?”. You kinda like the jokes even though you wouldn’t dare thinking about WHY you like them. Maybe it’s the imagination of what would happen if you would just say something very shocking the moment he/she drops the joke. Sometimes you just wanna say something like “Wanna have brunch tomorrow?” or “Why haven’t I ever been a reason for you to come to my city?”. I am not really the brightest in these situations because I usually always say what I think and if I want someone I just go out there and GET IT! So if someone laughs right after saying “why haven’t we ever dated” all I can think of is “What the f*** so funny about that?”. I have problems reading between the lines when it gets to shy men.

So when is it really “unexpected”? My male friends keep telling me that every single male friend I have wouldn’t say no if I badly wanted to get him laid. I really believe in friendship between a woman and a man but of course, if you wanna dig deep you will probably find some dirty thoughts in his mind but I think that’s just human and not a reason to not be friends with him. Unexpected is someone you’ve been seeing a lot before, someone you really always liked but just couldn’t think of more because this person has never crossed any line, never tried with you and always behaves the same way with you. You just don’t see anything “strange” or “different” going on. It just simply is what it is and you’ve even talk to your girlfriends about him and how great, cute, nice and hot he is without thinking about the fact how hot WE could be together. Maybe he’s even someone who’s hot but not really your usual type you would go for.

The unexpected is always the most pleasant because you get surprised every day and you fall in love with the important things about this very special person you’d never have pictured on your side. You wonder and want to ask a thousand questions at a time. You feel like you need to plan the first holiday as soon as possible because you really want to take the time to talk about everything you haven’t had time or interest to talk about before you realized that you actually should be together or at least give it a try.

You don’t know each other that well but since you’ve been around each other for a while it is a different feeling. You feel close and are able to start off with a good amount of trust because why would you want to fuck it up with someone who has the same friends and know you will be around him/her for another long time – whatever you do with it.

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