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I am disgusted by the treatment of an unsung American heroine, Shirley Sherrod, at the hands of Fox News and, a far right web site.  This woman, who has helped countless farmers keep their land, was accused by Fox News of racism based on manipulative editing of a tape of a speech she gave about how she learned that RACE SHOULD NEVER MATTER IN HELPING THE POOR.

For telling her tale of enlightenment, and discovering that racism is NEVER the answer, in ANY community, she was lied about, misquoted, and ultimately lost her job she held in the US Department of Agriculture.


The Obama Administration must not be afraid of the far right.  They fired a HEROINE.  The farmers (who are white) whose farm she saved testified that she is the kindest, fiercest advocate of color-blind advocacy of the poor. 

Fear is the road to ruin, not just for the Democrats, but the country as well.  The far right will burn in its own flames of hatred and lies, but only if we stop being timid, academic, scared, cautious. 

The White House must admit that they got tricked by the far right, apologize to Ms. Sherrod and bring her back into the administration.  The far right played dirty, caught us off-guard, but now we must correct what the wrong that has been done.  Immediately re-hire Ms. Sherrod.


The far right has no fear of lying about a black woman who fought, twenty years ago, to save a white farm in the deep South.  Why?  Because we, our community, let them do this.  Their lies killed ACORN, which made small mistakes that were lied about and killed – that was a service to OUR community – our community is not black or white – it is all who are underserved and disempowered.  Now they smell blood.  They think they can use the Karl Rove strategy of lying with impunity and never retracting.


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