The World Wide Web showed its ignorance again this week, when a petition for Nintendo to change Link, a main character in the upcoming Legend of Zelda game, to a young black female backfired. The petition, created by Anton Watabe from Detroit, Michigan on, has ruffled some feathers, but it hasn’t stopped Watabe from standing behind his belief […]

  November 18th will mark a new day in video game history! Nintendo is set to release their updated Wii console. The Wii U will cost $300 for the basic version and $350 for the deluxe. Instead of the white console that we have gotten used to, the Wii U will be in black and the […]

Nintendo debuted the Wii U, the company’s newest video game console and a follow-up to the blockbuster Nintendo Wii, which has sold more than 86 million units worldwide. The Wii U is the latest member of Nintendo’s gaming hardware and was unveiled this afternoon at E3. Here’s what Forbes blogger David Dewalt had to say […]

Last night at the Spike TV Scream 2010 Awards the ever-interesting musical artist, M.I.A. showed up a little more covered up than usual. The controversial artist who is notorious for her radical style showed up in a colorful burqua with lyrics from her amazing hit ‘XXXO’ and some album art with some sexy gold-studded black […]

Nothing is better than seeing celebrities do crazy things on live TV! It’s extremely humanizing and just entertaining to watch. In fact, sometimes the red carpet arrivals or interviews tend to be more entertaining than the actual show! In fact most of the news coverage on any award show centers mainly on the red carpet, […]

Kendall Jenner is quickly following in the footsteps of her older Kardashian sisters by making headlines at the young age of 14. Last week the spotlight was on Kendall as photos of a bikini photoshoot were released causing controversy that she was too young for such a photoshoot. Kendall recently spoke to People Magazine about […]


It really doesn’t matter how many speeches President Obama makes on race. The truth is people always look at things in black and white; it’s crazy because this RACE thing has been going on for so long that it’s beaten into us from a young age whether it is voluntary or involuntary. In the case […]


I am disgusted by the treatment of an unsung American heroine, Shirley Sherrod, at the hands of Fox News and, a far right web site.  This woman, who has helped countless farmers keep their land, was accused by Fox News of racism based on manipulative editing of a tape of a speech she gave […]

<p>Nithyananda Yuvarani Video controversy created a stir over the internet, The Nithyananda Yuvarani Video shows swami completely naked, while there is no news about Yuvarani that if she could be seen naked as well or not.</p>

<p>The Winter Olympics have strict rules; any immoral activities of the participants may cost them to leave the games. The games are focused by people from all</p>


<p>&nbsp;A New "Manufactured" Obama ‘Sexual’ Photo Controversy? – 09/24/09</p>


Hey Global Grinders… First, I want to thank you for reading my blog. Whether we agree or disagree, this is a forum for us to discuss events that are happening in our world currently. The topic of my blog is something that I struggled with because it is such a touchy subject.  But I write […]