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If you’re a graffiti-tagging, musician-stalking parent of a newborn baby, today’s GlobalGrind favorite apps have you covered. We found an app that lets you get closer to your favorite musician, one that lets you create street art on your handheld device, and one that will put your baby to bed in no time. Check out our first app below—it’s incredible…

What: Real Rockstar

Made By: Cdstorm Promotions Inc.

What It Does: The Real Rockstar app promises to let you ‘get up close and personal with your favorite artist without receiving a restraining order.’ This application actually reveals the emotions an artist experienced, and how intense those feelings were, while performing a song. Want to know what Kanye West felt when he performed ‘Stronger’ at last night’s concert? Just download this app, upload the song and get a captivating custom video based on factors like the artist’s pitch and vocal intensity. Sounds like a winner to us.

Platform: iPhone and Android

How Much: $1.99

[pagebreak]A screenshot of the Real Rockstar app.[pagebreak]

What: Graffiti Spray Can

Made By: Elite Gudz

What It Does: Create street art without the fines and possible jail time. The Graffiti Spray Can app will bring out your inner graffiti artist by allowing you to create virtual graffiti art on your screen and then share them on Facebook, Twitter etc. The hi-def graphics let you create amazing backgrounds, and the sounds and animations you’ll experience when creating them are true to real life tagging.

Platform: Android

How Much: FREE at iTunes

[pagebreak]A screenshot of the Graffiti Spray Can app.[pagebreak]

What: Baby Shusher

Made By: Baby Shusher, LLC

What It Does: Dead tired in the morning from taking care of a noisy newborn baby at night? Download the Baby Shusher and get some sleep! The app replicates the shushing sound babies hear in the womb, a technique that has been used by doctors for some time now. Having this technology on a mobile device should come in handy for sleep-deprived parents everywhere.

Platform: iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

How Much: $4.99 at iTunes