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Now this is the definition of a well thought out directed video to go with the concept of the song. Maroon 5 are veterans in the industry after so many years of mega hits. This new record they have is titled ‘Misery’ & is coming off their 7th studio recording album ‘Hands All Over’ out September 21st.

In the video lead man Adam Levine is getting kicked, bitten, pushed, ran over & thrown around by the woman hes trying to get back.This video really takes interest of thew watcher because the lyrics of the song go well with it but in a creative way. Groups like Maroon 5 will always be loved because they never changed their style of music & still find a way for us to relate to what they’re singing.

It takes a hot song to sell an album but it takes a great video to sell a couple million albums. Check out the video on the next page & leave comments.