The Daily Grind Video

Hey guys! We just released our single; ‘The Ones’ and we are so damn proud of this song. This song isn’t your typical mainstream delight. This song probably won’t be your ‘Song of The Summer’, but we hope its something that leaves a lasting impression and strengthens you, as a person. 

This song is about perseverance. Its about never giving up on yourself, your passion, and life overall. Its about having that feeling of being down trotted, never feeling good enough, never rolling with the elite. But screw that! You can be whoever you want in this world and you can obtain anything, but you must be prepared to fight for it. That doesn’t mean physically, necessarily. 


Through our music, we want to show kids how to be strong minded and to not feel weak and helpless. Hopefully, when they’re feeling down, this song will give them the strength to be courageous. Maybe we’re being too overly optimistic but rather than discussing redundant topics on your favorite artists’ summer songs, we want to give you something different to feel good about.



-Revolutionary Kids

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