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It’s hard to believe that it hasn’t even been two years since Lady Gaga’s first single dropped. Since then, the pop singer is everywhere. Her crazy outfits and antics have made her a household name, her music has won her awards, and now, her popularity has made her the first living person with more than 10 million Facebook fans.

The One That Is Gaga just snagged that title recently, finally beating out President Obama’s Facebook fan page.

It’s clear why so many people are obsessed with Lady Gaga. She’s an entertainer in every sense of the word. She shocks audiences with stage performances full of corn-syrup blood and androgynous male dancers, she wears bedazzled lingerie to baseball games, and she gives slurred acceptance speeches at awards shows.

Lady Gaga is not the first celebrity to have an excessive number of fans. Many of the world’s most beloved celebs had their time in the spotlight long before Mark Zuckerberg even dreamed of creating a virtual yearbook.


Michael Jackson

Had Facebook existed when Michael Jackson released Thriller, the website’s server would have crashed under the strain of all of the red-leather-jacketed fans who were obsessed with the King of Pop.


Marilyn Monroe

One of the world’s first sex symbols, Marilyn Monroe, would have had a fan page full of drooling men, and women who longed to emulate her legendary style.



Jean-jacketed and red-haired, Tiffany’s shopping mall concerts gave her fan base full of preteen girls, who are known to be some of the most supportive/excessive fans on the planet (which explains why Justin Bieber is a trending topic every other minute). If Facebook existed in the ‘80’s, Tiffany would have shut it down.


Chuck Norris

Before the Chuck Norris facts began to pop up on the web (Chuck Norris doesn’t sleep. He waits.) there was Walker, Texas Ranger. People were obsessed with the show. A crime drama/martial arts show? Easy smash. At the height of his small-screen popularity, Chuck Norris would have had quite a few e-fans.



Pac was just a magnetic characte

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