Chuck Norris

To celebrate the special day, we highlight some of the most notable figures who fall under the umbrella!

Since last August, Barack Obama took the lead and led our U.S. troops in the mission to kill the terrorist Osama bin Laden. Last night, he told the world that he got the job done. With the death of Osama, Barack Obama becomes larger than life and if we compared him to other fictional heroes, their […]

With the over saturation of mixtapes these days I think it’s safe to say that the mixtape has lost its promotional value. Everyone has a series of mixtapes out these days including a never ending line of artists who SHOULDN’T. I remember back in the beginning it was a few rappers that gave meaning to […]

What’s better than seeing pictures of your favorite celebrities? Pictures of your favorite celebrities with no clothes on perhaps. Many celebrities are skeptical about posing nude for magazine covers and shoots, because of how they’ll be viewed or the way the shoot will come out, but these celebrities bared it all and made a statement […]

With a jam-packed schedule and crazy work schedule it’s totally understandable that celebrities just don’t have time for college. We get it. But here are celebs who went above and beyond and cracked opened that text book and nabbed a degree.  Case in point? Harry Potter starlet, Emma Watson has taken a break from acting while she attends Brown University […]

There is a new Law and Order set in Los Angeles, called Law and Order Los Angeles. This version of Law and Order stars Terrence Howard, Regina Hall, Megan Boone, Skeet Ulrich and a bunch of other amazing actors and actresses. The newest addition to the Law & Order brand, ‘Law & Order: Los Angeles’ […]

Heyyyyyyy wooorrrrrrrllldddddd!!! How is everybody out there? I’m in Haiti helping out the best that I can!!! Lemme tell you guys about the eye-opening, life-changing experience that I had over the weekend. As part of the DH Fund, I traveled to Haiti to meet with some of the volunteer workers down there and talk with […]


OMG, the people of Haiti need our help!!! Heyyyyyyy wooorrrrrrdddd!!! I’m in Haiti and I wanted to give you guys an update on everything that I saw today and what we did down here on this mission trip. We landed in Port-au-Prince Friday morning and I was so blown away at all of the devastation […]

Heeeeyyyyyyyyy worrrrrrllllddd it’s @DWIGHTHOWARD!!!! I hope everybody out there has had a good week. I got some good work in with my Magic teammates every day this week and I was back in the weight room last night until almost midnight getting in another hard workout. Tightening things up before camp starts the week after […]


Police have released video showing an upstate New York police officer fatally shooting a 37-year-old man who had rammed his car into another officer last winter. The video of the chaotic encounter with parolee Howard Tucker was combined from two sources: a newly installed police car dashboard camera and a surveillance camera trained on a […]

Terrance Howard pretty much eloped. The actor who didn’t get a role in Iron Man 2, but rather will play Nelson Mandela kept his marriage a secret before revealing it to the world with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Terrence Howard and his new wife Michelle Ghent-Howard were in Cannes, doing what lovers do.  In other Terrence Howard […]

We all like to believe celebrities are perfect, but the reality is they are human just like the rest of us. Everyone has their own imperfections or habits, but some people may take their obsessions to a whole different level. Surprisingly, there have been many celebrities who’ve confessed to having obsessive compulsive disorder. OCD is […]