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With a jam-packed schedule and crazy work schedule it’s totally understandable that celebrities just don’t have time for college. We get it. But here are celebs who went above and beyond and cracked opened that text book and nabbed a degree. 

Case in point? Harry Potter starlet, Emma Watson has taken a break from acting while she attends Brown University as a sophomore.

Celebs from all industries and backgrounds such as Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, child hood star Haley Joel Osment, Gabrielle Union, Keri Hilson, rappers J.Cole and Asher Roth went to college or are currently in college while maintaining their celeb status.



We’ve known him by many different names, ‘Puffy,’ ‘Puff Daddy,’ and ‘P.Diddy,’ but before one of music’s biggest moguls, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs became the mega star he is today, he attended college at Howard University.

Although, he didn’t graduate he still recieved a few years of college before accepting a position at Uptown Records.

This is a picture of Diddy chilling in front of Howard University’s Blackburn Student Center.


Sex kitten actress, Gabrielle Union is more than a pretty face and cute dimples. After graduating high school she attended University of Nebraska at Lincoln for one semester, then she moved to California to pursue acting.

Breaking into tinseltown seemed to tough for the young actress, so Union decided to enroll herself at Cuesta College in southern California for another shot at college life. Lucky for her she got her big break in teen movie ‘Bring it On.’


The college educated rapper, Asher Roth, debuted his rapping career with an ode to college with his hit song ‘I Love College.’  

Asher attended West Chester University, as an education major with a focus in elementary education. Image Asher teaching the youth of America (pause) so glad he made a career in rapping!


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