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With the over saturation of mixtapes these days I think it’s safe to say that the mixtape has lost its promotional value. Everyone has a series of mixtapes out these days including a never ending line of artists who SHOULDN’T. I remember back in the beginning it was a few rappers that gave meaning to the mixtape. What artists like 50 cent and Fabolous did on a mixtape was insane with verses that not only proved their passion for the art but that they could also hang with the best of them. Now however its whatever because everyone with the assets, not talent, to make a mixtape has one. Mixtapes used be raw still nothing short of awesome. Its was most artists way of saying to the masses, ‘I can take your favorite rappers beat and flip just as nice as they did if not BETTER!’ Today however it seems to be a way for the talentless to kill time…

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