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This week in ‘women picked on for packing on the pounds’ news, we have: Mariah Carey.

A lot of press has come down hard on Ms. Carey after pics came out of her coming out of a deli in Beverly Hills with her hubby Nick Cannon looking rather voluptuous, pale and generally reminiscent of a current day Kathleen Turner. She rocked an outfit that is tough to pull off during an ‘up-weight’ moment.  The fact is that once we hit 30, we all fluctuate.  Because the camera is already so very cruel, unless one sticks to black or vertical stripes during such situations– the visual CAN be jarring.  My sources say that the reason Mariah looks so large and in charge is because she’s been taking hormones to get her never utilized womb into ‘octomom’ working order.  The moon face and the new rolls of expanding flesh are not due to laziness but to trying to create a beautiful little life.  If my sources are wrong and she’s just kicking back and enjoying life for a minute, BACK OFF people!!!  You already know Mariah will eventually bounce back hotter than ever.


One diva that knocked the look out of the style park this week is first lady Michelle Obama.  The woman behind the most powerful man in the free world went on a romantic couples only trip to North Carolina over the weekend with her man.  Michelle was working with slicked back hair, a sleek all black ensemble, some Jackie O-my-god-I’m-rich-and-fabulous shades and a flash of fun via electric blue ballet flats.  In the pictures that came out showing the first family boarding the plane to N.C., Michelle definitely inspired some ‘damn you look sexy girrrrrl’ looks from the commander-in-chief.  (Michelle call Mariah and help a sister out…)


Former Cheetah Girls singer and Rob Kardashian jumpoff Adrienne Bailon shocked many people this week by acting like a baller and splurging on a $40,000 diamond ring while hosting the grand opening of the new Rafaello & Co. store in Manhattan.  Who knew Adrienne was pulling the kind of cash to drop 40k like it’s not even a thing?

Hmmmm, I smell a publicist behind this story…

Kisses, Katie