American currency is wack when you compare it to the currency of other nations. There’s no color, no flare, just dead white guys in green staring back at you. That’s all about to change however, if you decide, like legions of artists and wannabes, to redesign the greenbacks, the slats, the loot, the Benjamins, online.  […]


Just a few short weeks ago, Britney Spears released her much talked about ‘Hold It Against Me’ music video, the first single off her upcoming seventh studio album ‘Femme Fatale’ (out March 29th). In Just a few short weeks ago, Britney Spears released her much talked about ‘Hold It Against Me’ music video, the first […]

Crystal ‘Cri$tlye’ Johnson is without a doubt one of the most talented singer/songwriter/producers on the planet. For years Cri$tlye has been grinding behind the scenes, lending her incredible songwriting skills and background vocals to several music icons including Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and Beyonce. While the industry knows all about her heavy-hitter talent, Cri$tyle received […]


The 2011 Academy Awards are upon us and even though the ceremony gives out trophies to actors, actresses and all things movie related, what about the forgotten visual medium called the music video? WATCH: The Sexiest Music Videos  Music videos have gotten progressively more ambitious, longer and some of them even have budgets that could […]

Sit back, empty your mind and ready yourself for the forthcoming question. Ready? Okay, how many significant female singers within Hip-Hop and it’s related genres can you name that have emerged in the last 20 years? By ‘significant’, we’re talking about having an impact  through record sales, credibility or both. Have a think. Ready?… My […]


Comedian Sarah Silverman hasn’t set out for a specific costume but she says, “But I did think of a simple costume where if I just put, like, a hook on my head I can say I’m a Christmas ornament.” Celebrity chef Eric Ripert wants to be a heart surgeon and already has his costume together, […]

Queen of pop, Mariah Carey may be expecting a baby boy this spring in March.  According to ‘She’s having a boy, but the reason that Mariah didn’t want to say anything is because she is 40 and she’s superstitious,’ said a source.  There are also speculations that Mariah will be making an announcement on […]

With only one week to go, there’s no doubt everyone’s gearing up for Halloween. Chances are, most have been thinking about what they’ll dress up as all year long. Some are doing the goulish, living dead thing. Some are doing the over-the-top, might-as-well-pose-for-Playboy sexy thing. Either way, most of you are ready. But some people […]

Mariah Carey hasn’t actually confirmed that she’s pregnant yet, but her husband Nick Cannon has done the confirming for her! At last night’s party for the premiere of ‘Running Russell Simmons‘ Nick gushed about being a daddy. Cannon says he doesn’t care about whether it’s a boy or a girl, ‘We just want a healthy child,’ […]

Its that time we all look forward to! Time for the most amazing twitpics of the day! We just love getting an inside look on our favorite celebrities lives! Today we have Kim Kardashian lounging around with her hair up in a ponytail along with baby Mason. He’s just the cutest. Lady Gaga sends a […]

Lady Gaga‘s raw meat outfit at the VMAs, I’m a little hesitant to take a wiff. Though, I highly doubt she smells like a meat market. The pop sensation’s very first perfume is said to drop in 2012. The name of her perfume? Monster – a name that she often refers to when she speaks […]

Mariah Carey was spotted out last night, October 8, to help celebrate her husband’s, Nick Cannon, 30 birthday. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon took it to LAVO nightclub to take part in the birthday celebrations. Trying to not cause as much attention from the paparazzi, Mariah Carey walking in and out of the party separately […]