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Crystal ‘Cri$tlye’ Johnson is without a doubt one of the most talented singer/songwriter/producers on the planet. For years Cri$tlye has been grinding behind the scenes, lending her incredible songwriting skills and background vocals to several music icons including Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey and Beyonce. While the industry knows all about her heavy-hitter talent, Cri$tyle received some well-deserved public recognition at last month’s Grammy Awards when her song ‘Only Girl in the World’ won for Best Dance Record. With a solo project set to drop soon, we guarantee you’ll be hearing a lot more from Cri$tlye. GlobalGrind had a great chat with Cri$tyle about funny experiences she had at the Grammys, where she finds her inspiration, and her favorite pro wrestler of all time. Check out our exclusive interview with Cri$tyle as well as some of her very own photos from the Grammy Awards!

So what were your favorite moments at the Grammys?

Wow… it was amazing. The best moment would be when ‘Only Girl in the World’ won the Grammy for Best Dance Record. Aside from that I really really enjoyed B.O.B., Janell Monae and Bruno Mars’ performance. I thought that was just out of this world. I really enjoyed Eminem and Rihanna and Dr. Dre. They shut it down. I thought Justin Bieber and Usher did a really good job. I enjoyed watching them dance together at the end, I thought that was very cute. And of course Jaden Smith when he came out and did his rap I thought it was just so dope seeing Will Smith and Jada in the audience all happy so that was nice.

We heard you got to hang out with Will Smith?

Well it was a very short moment but it was a moment I will never forget. I was at the Roc Nation pre-Grammy brunch, which was amazing. I got to catch back up with Beyonce I hadn’t seen her in awhile. I got to catch up with Rihanna. It was a great brunch and on my way out I ended up on an elevator with Will Smith and that felt like a Grammy to me (laughter). I told him it was the best elevator ride in my life.

We liked your tweet about what Rihanna said to you at the Grammys… (Cri$tlye’s Twitter: @CRISTYLE_) –

@CRISTYLE_: ‘Cristyle to Rihanna ‘thank u for singing the crap outta Only Girl!’ Rihanna to Cristyle ‘thank u bitch u wrote it ahhh!’ haaaaaaaaaa !’

(laughter) Yeah she has a way with words. She’s very poetic (laughter).

Were the Grammys the best moment of your career?

Well I have stages so at each stage I have a moment that stands out. There’s the moment when I first got signed as a songwriter to EMI and Jermaine Dupri’s SoSoDef. At that stage that was the biggest moment of my career. And then working with Mariah Carey on ‘Touch My