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Comedian Sarah Silverman hasn’t set out for a specific costume but she says, “But I did think of a simple costume where if I just put, like, a hook on my head I can say I’m a Christmas ornament.”

Celebrity chef Eric Ripert wants to be a heart surgeon and already has his costume together, “I spent three days following a heart surgeon, Mehmet Oz, for an experiment, for a story for Esquire a long time ago, and I ended up with my own outfit…so I have my outfit already.  He was interested to see the efficiency of a kitchen and compared it to the efficiency of the OR.  Obviously we don’t deal with the same issues.  If you burn the fish, it’s okay.”

Model Veronica Webb is going to let her kids decide between a devil, lion, or a witch.  She is definitely opposed to being a dachshund, “You can’t put clothes on a dachschund, their legs are too short!  Some dogs are into it, you know, like some guys are drag queens, and some aren’t”

Pauly D is growing out his hair to be Justin Bieber.  Pauly D told Jay Leno that he is actually going to let his hair grow out naturally so that he can get Justin Bieber’s side part-emo look right on the dot.

Project Runway winner Christian Siriano said he’s going to be a Disney heroine but hasn’t picked one yet.

Audrina Patridge says she would like to be Snooki.

Nick Cannon wanted to dress up as Ike and Tina with his wife Mariah Carey, but unfortunately she said no.  “she doesn’t want to offend Tina Turner… I think it’s an honor!”

Selena Gomez wants to be a California Gurl and dress up as Katy Perry. She told Just Jared, “I’m going to be Katy Perry for Halloween… it’s the California Gurls outfit with the blue hair.  I’m so excited.”

Willow Smith says she wants to be herself for Halloween.  She said, “I’m probably going to be myself…and walk around the neighborhood saying, ‘Do you like Willow Smith?’ and then take my mask off and I’ll be, like, ‘It’s meeeeee!’”

Rachel Bilson would like to be Miss Piggy for Halloween.  She told InStyle, “I’ve loved Miss Piggy practically my whole life… I’m already gathering the details, like the perfect wig and snout I only hope I can look as fabulous.”

Heidi Klum told E! News, “This year the party is back in New York and my costume is larger than life! I hope everyone will try to outdo me! The game is on!”

Vera Wang will be attending a Marilyn Monroe party maki