Amber Portwood

We’ve watched them struggle with teen motherhood on MTV’s hit show Teen Mom and as the network has been promoting the cast’s last season one of their major personalities is getting started on a 5 year prison sentence! On Tuesday in Madison Indiana Circuit Judge David Happe ruled that the Amber Portwood must serve the prison time he […]

Star on MTV’s Teen Mom, Amber Portwood received a sharp blow to her career when an Indiana judge ruled Thursday that she had to live in at a halfway house for 3 years and get a 9-5 job—Teen Mom does not count! STORY: Teen Mom Trouble: Amber Porwood May Face 5 Years In The Slammer! […]

  “Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood’s troubles have been chronicled on the hit MTV show, but the reality TV star may be heading somewhere that cameras can’t go for a long time. STORY: Amber Portwood, Teen Mom, Goes Home From The Psych Ward! Following an arrest for drug possession in December of 2011, Amber is […]

News for cool people, all the stuff you need to know in a 140 characters or less. Leggo! “Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood tried to end her life! [The Superficial] [pagebreak] Mary-Kate Olsen reps deny that she is seeing Kanye West. First was Amber Rose, then the girl on the balcony and now an Olsen! Kanye loves the […]

I’m usually not a go hard party girl but I hit THREE clubs on Halloween night in New York City and kicked it with some cool people in amazing costumes. First stop was the Heidi Klum & Seal party at Lavo (thanx mike snedegar).  Second stop was RdV and last but not least was Kiss […]


It’s officially Halloween, and what else goes better with Halloween than candy? How about some Halloween mixtape madness, featuring two of the most legendary rappers to ever take the stage: Big Pun and Big L. All hosted by DJ Whoo Kid and Cookin Soul.


Halloween is just another day in the Foster household when you have 5 girls that often can be caught in public as a Princess, Fairy, and yes I went out with a lamb and a elephant! [pagebreak]     The only difference in Halloween is I dress as a Referee to ref my kids when […]


Comedian Sarah Silverman hasn’t set out for a specific costume but she says, “But I did think of a simple costume where if I just put, like, a hook on my head I can say I’m a Christmas ornament.” Celebrity chef Eric Ripert wants to be a heart surgeon and already has his costume together, […]

  With only a few days left before the parties and trick or treating of 2010 begins, I know that there are some of you who are still out there without a costume. So, if you haven’t made a decision about your costume for Halloween, The Thread’s Top Five Celeb Costumes is a great video to watch. The […]

With Halloween right around the corner we thought we’d bring you some crazy a** facts you need to know in order for you and yours have a safe Halloween.  So scouring the internet we found some intriguing yet scary facts about regular and random things that happen to people. For instance, did you know that […]


First Lady Michelle Obama hit the White House Kitchen Garden where she picked pumpkins and other fall goodies with local students. Never a dull moment in the life of the first lady, she and some local DC students to harvest some Yams. Always making sure young students eat well, Michelle Obama makes sure the White House garden […]


Halloween’s almost here! Are you ready? Have you picked out your costume yet? Well, just in case you’re still deciding, we’re here to help! Halloween’s not just about dressing up as the scariest thing/person on the face of this planet, but it’s also the perfect time to transform into your favorite and most newsworthy celebrity. […]