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Halloween’s almost here! Are you ready?

Have you picked out your costume yet? Well, just in case you’re still deciding, we’re here to help! Halloween’s not just about dressing up as the scariest thing/person on the face of this planet, but it’s also the perfect time to transform into your favorite and most newsworthy celebrity.

This year, there are sure to be a million Lady Gaga’s, Kanye West‘s, Michael Jackson‘s, and maybe even a few Sue Sylvester’s stomping around. We’ve not only got the 10 most popular celebrity-influenced Halloween Costumes, but we’ve kindly included a how-to ‘Get This Costume’ guide. Let’s kick it off with…

Nicki Minaj


The quirkiest female MC in the game, Nicki Minaj stormed the Hip-Hop game as funniest and quickest character out of the Young Money camp. It’s easy to dress like Nicki for Halloween, but remember to test out different accents while in conversation, refer to everyone as Barbz, and, of course, work on those facial expressions!
What You’ll Need
A Pink Wig with Blunt Bangs
Neon Yellow Leggings

Orange Peep Toes

Bracelets in Gold/Rust
Large Necklace with Heavy Adornments
Rub-On Tattoos [pagebreak]


This gorilla, juicehead-loving party animal is the perfect Halloween costume. Snooki is everything your Halloween should be: fun, loud, and scandalous. Pro-Tip: We suggest walking around with a jar of pickles and/or switching out the heels for a pair of fuzzy slippers. Your choice.
What You’ll Need:
Snooki Poof Wig
Metallic Leopard Dress
Cut Out Heels (IN BLACK)
Orange-Tan Glow with this