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There is so much talk about the hip-hop game not having enough hot female MCs reppin’ right now…well it seems that Baltimore is the new breeding ground for the next crop of Hip-Hop Queens.

Mz Streamz

First up is  “Baltimore’s Club Queen” 19-year-old Mz Streamz. Her team reached out to me to check her studio work, but I started doing my own research and found one of her street battles where she went rhyme for rhyme against a rough Philly chick in a face-off.


She’s also a 5-time battle winner on B-more radio station 92 Q, battling and beating whoever stepped up over their dial tone.


Aside from her battle pedigree, I’m diggin’ her voice. The high pitched, slightly squeaky frequency she spits would normally annoy me, but the rapid fire hot lines she delivers works with the hood chick look she has, so it all balances out. With an out of the norm feature she has on a Gorillaz song (check her MySpace page) and a traditional B-more Go-Go themed track “Go Go Girls (Go DMV)” suggests that if you get her with today’s radio killers you’ll have a problem.


When Nicki Minaj first started she was nowhere near the Harajuku Barbie that she is now. After linking with Lil Wayne and becoming an international

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