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The best part of the year has arrived, the NBA playoffs. So whose gonna take the championship this go around, the Laker boys, the James gang or the boys from beantown? Either way it’s going to be exciting. With the playoffs bring memorable plays, remember LeBron’s buzzer beater last year? That was dope.  Plays are what make the NBA great, check out these top ten dunks of the year. These are the dunks that posters are made of, the dunks that make you ashamed to look ya mama in the eye, the dunks that are just disgusting. The shameful wake up in the middle of the night dunks that make you sweat. Check out these dunks that has become posters.

Andrew Bogut, Milwaukee Bucks, Victimizes Big Baby


Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls, Takes Of Goran Dragic Head


Carmelo Anthony, Denver Nuggets, Climbs Over Paul Milsap


Corey Brewer, Minnesota Timberwolves, Fly’s Over Derek Fisher

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