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<p>If my porn collection were a liquor cabinet, all flicks featuring adult-film actress <strong>Tia Ling</strong> would be top-shelf. Like fine wine, Tia&rsquo;s potency increases with time and no matter how rough or nasty the scene, she goes hard &rsquo;til the money shots are delivered. None of her holes are barred and she often takes on three guys at once&hellip; gotta love a chick who can multi-task.</p><p>But porn is not a 24-hour orgy, it&rsquo;s big business and Ms. Ling is keeps hers in order. Her filmography deep and she also owns both and TiaLingFetishWorld, where fans have access to her eXXXclusive pics and ball-draining videos. Tia can also be seen at numerous other fetish sites being bound, gagged, poked, prodded&hellip;and loving every minute of it. Her scene in Facial Abuse was one of the most brutal, unyielding skull-sessions I&rsquo;ve had the pleasure of witnessing but she capped it off with a &ldquo;no-sweat&rdquo; smile.</p><p>Tia Ling&rsquo;s Wolverine-like endurance is one of the reasons that she scores high marks with porn fans. Her trim, sculpted physique and pretty face intensify her seductive powers. But here&rsquo;s the cherry on top: Miss Ling is amicable and good-natured. So once we crossed paths right here at The Spizzy, where high-rollers network, we got an interview crackin&rsquo; in no time.</p><p>Pull back the black curtain and visit the adult section for our down-and-dirty Q&amp;A, stuffed with erotic photos of Tia Ling.</p><p>READ MORE AT <strong>THE SPIZZY</strong></p>